Moose by the cottages on Sågarbo herrgård
International eco tourism dining on the pier of Sågarbo Herrgård
September 2017
Swedish Tourism Prize 2017

Sågarbo herrgård stuguthyrning is nominated for the
Swedish Tourism Prize 2017

The winner of the Swedish Tourism Prize 2017 will be announced on the 7th of December by the foundation for knowledge promotion in tourism and the government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

June 2017
Our biking county govenor

To meet the people and the Norduppland country side, our county governor Göran Enander rented one of our unisex bicycle for a four day trip. He will meet farmers, fishermen and lokal companies, but also experience the coastline uplift and valuable nature environments
e.g. Billudden.

Anna-Karin Karlsson, Marie Larsson from Älvkarleby kommun and
P-O Borgestig from Länsstyrelsen joined the bike tour during his
first day.

Göran Enander county govenor biking from Sågarbo herrgård stuguthyrning
Sågarbo herrgård stuguthyrning Anna-Karin Karlsson, Marie Larsson from Älvkarleby kommun and
P-O Borgestig from Länsstyrelsen joined the bike tour during his first day.
Sågarbo herrgård
Sea trout
Sågarbo herrgård
April 2017
Fish on

The fishing guides and journalists Leonard Muys and Ron Smits från Total Fishing International, visited us during one week. Read more about their seatrout and pike fishing in our Sågarbo bay.

"Fish on"
Just a few minutes away from our summerhouse at Sågarbo, there are great fishing opportunities on very clear and shallow water, where only a few fishermen have fished before. After a while Leonard called “fish on” and it is again a pike on the Baltic Sea, caught on a lure from Westin. After a quick photo the pike is swimming again in a truly beautiful bay, almost completely sheltered from the icy cold wind of today. Just like yesterday I missed the first strike of the pike, but at my second attempt on the same spot, the pike is taking the lure again and my first pike of today is a fact. After three hours, we have five pikes together with a size between 70 till 80 cm.

Big Rocks means food and shelter for the sea trout.
At last Leonard called “fish on”, but unfortunately the fish lost. At the same time my lure is also taken by a fish and I know it is a nice sea trout. He is jumping out of the water three times and the last jump is less than ten meters out of the boat. What a power this sea trout is showing us. After jumping, the sea trout takes several meters line of the reel. But at the end he had to give up and my first sea trout out of the Baltic Sea is a fact. For us it is catch and release, after measuring and taken some pictures it is growing bigger. About two and a half kilograms of beautiful Swedish Silver and explosive muscle mass is there in the landing net. The sea trout here in this bay is bigger compared to rivers, because they are eating lots of herring.

Read more at Total Fishing International


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