Butterfly at Sågarbo herrgård

Butterfly summer

16 September, 2019

A fantastic butterfly summer, but why are butterflies so important to us human being? Due to destruction of natural habitats e.g. wildflower meadows and ancient woodlands in favour of intensive farming practices, roads and housing developments that have reduced the majority of their nesting and food sites. Some butterflies have declined so severely that they […]

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Crown Princess Sågarbo manor

Crown Princess of Sweden

29 September, 2018

The Crown Princess visited Älvkarleby in Uppsala county where she carried out her fourteenth province walk. County Governor Göran Enander welcomed everyone to the 17th century Sågarbo Manor where the walk began. We, Eric and Beate Tjernström, owners of the manor, had a presentation about how to combine tourism with nature experiences. Sågarbo is located […]

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Restoration on the estate

29 May, 2018

During spring time we made a larger restoration on the estate. We layed beautiful old brick floors, painted all the window panes and frames with linseedoil paint. The exterior is painted with Swedish traditional red earth paint and the old window are restored with old glass. We restore with recycled materials, organic colours and our […]

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Rescue action

14 March, 2018

This year we had a cold winter with a lot of snow,so we started a rescue action by helping out withfood supply for our wild animals. Roe deers rescue action by food supply – Sågarbo herrgård

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Winner of the Swedish Tourism Prize 2017

29 January, 2018

“You better watch out, it can go fast, we also started with the same amount of cottages as you”…. a comment we got from the great ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi Sweden, also nominated for the Swedish Tourism Prize 2017. We are so grateful that we were nominated for the Swedish Tourism Prize 2017 and we would like […]

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Swedish Tourism Prize 2017

29 September, 2017

Sågarbo herrgård stuguthyrning is nominated for the Swedish Tourism Prize 2017 The winner of the Swedish Tourism Prize 2017 will be announced on the 7th of December by the foundation for knowledge promotion in tourism and the government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

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County Governor Göran Enander - Sågarbo herrgård

Our biking county govenor

29 June, 2017

To meet the people and the Norduppland country side, our county governor Göran Enander rented one of our unisex bicycle for a four day trip. He will meet farmers, fishermen and lokal companies, but also experience the coastline uplift and valuable nature environmentse.g. Billudden.Anna-Karin Karlsson, Marie Larsson from Älvkarleby kommun andP-O Borgestig from Länsstyrelsen joined […]

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Fish on

29 April, 2017

The fishing guides and journalists Leonard Muys and Ron Smits från Total Fishing International, visited us during one week. Read more about their seatrout and pike fishing in our Sågarbo bay. “Fish on” Just a few minutes away from our summerhouse at Sågarbo, there are great fishing opportunities on very clear and shallow water, where only […]

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